Befriend Your Stress

Studies show that those who perceive stress as having little impact on their health actually exhibit the lowest health hazard from stress. Sooo next time your caught in a pickle, your heart starts thumping & your getting all sweaty think about those natural bodily... read more

Friday Freak out!!!

Shootouts: a heart breaker In 1996 the Dutch were eliminated from the Soccer World Cup in a sudden death penalty shoot out. The effects of this stressful game were more than just some bitten nails, in fact research shows that for men in the Netherlands there was a 50%... read more

Thought About It

Howdy? Ya Howdy! List of cool things to do: 1. run through the sprinkler 2. forward these emails to a friend (not at the same time) You Mad Bro?? Effects of Early Experience on Children’s Recognition of Facial Displays: (non-nerd: ‘the ‘u mad bro’... read more

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