Snail Mail

Hey there superstar! Check out this dope info below Dopamine: the neuro-transmitter that helps control the brains pleasure & reward center What’s it good for: survival by positively reinforcing things like eating. When you eat, dopamine is released which... read more

Fun Fact

A newborn Chinese water deer is so small it can almost be held in the palm of the hand. (really cute pic of baby Chinese water... read more

Fry Day

Happy Doughnut day! Read this and you will get the chance to go to the store and buy yourself a doughnut!   Round and Round Breaking the cycle of poverty is not an easy task and there are a lot of people working on this from a lot of different angles. The... read more

G’Day Mates!!

18 Months! Is when a toddler first starts to recognize him/herself in the mirror #MirrorSelfie! 18 months is also when researchers first start to see differences in developmental skills based on social class. From this we now know that interventions to level the... read more

Fresh, Free & Friday

WOAH! Fancy seeing you here!! If you know how to read, keep reading below to learn more cool things!! OH AND: if you have any friends who you think might like getting these fly emails it would be fly if you sent me an email with their email so they can get these... read more

Thursdays Thinkers

Hello!!! (keep reading below to learn more about things that deserve to be known more about) Who you gonna call? GhostBusters!! Maybe?? Or if you are one of the many Canadians struggling with mental illness, there may soon be a new program you can call on for help!... read more


Holla atcha : grab a chair, grab a snack, grab a juice box and check out these neat facts below:   donnn’tttt FREAK OUT Adverse Childhood Experience’s increase toxic stress in a child’s life setting them up for greater health risks down the road... read more

Tuesday’s Tidbits

Happy Taco Tuesday mi amigos, while you nourish your body with delicious Mexican cuisine, nourish your brain with this cool info:   I need a dolla, dolla, dolla “A dollar invested in early childhood yields three times as much for school-aged children and... read more

Monday’s Memorandum

Hey là i miei amici Spero che hai avuto un grande Lunedi (I had pasta for lunch and as a result addressed you in Italian):   We’re All in This Together: Hopefully you clicked above and have now broken out into a dance party for 1!! Lets be honest it’s... read more

Friday’s Findings

SOoo, either you are reading this Monday morning while reflecting on a weekend of nothing but F U N or  you are reading this Friday afternoon while getting amped for a weekend full of F U N! Nevertheless, thank you so much for opening this #supercool email and if you... read more


Hey there you rock star!! Take this in: The total social cost (healthcare, productivity loss, law etc.) of substance abuse in Alberta is estimated at over 4.4 billion dollars, and get this, the Alberta Education 2015/16 budget just is 7.6 billion dollars!!!  So we are... read more

Thinking on a Thursday

Konnichiwa! Some interesting things have entered my brain today and I thought I would share them with you: Have you ever heard of… Epigenetics, No? Well guess what: now you have!! #goodforyou But srsly check out this neat article to learn why you are more than... read more


Hey y’all these are more things that are relevant to all people from babies to non-babies: #toocoolforschool Is this Drug IQ test actually and entrance exam to get into the cool-kid group at school ? Probably not but, it IS neat little fun thing to do! Did you... read more

Tuesday’s Tidbits

Hola amigos, check out some of the things I came across yesterday pre-slowpitch softball victory:   Mike Tyson is a wild man who has done some wild things and there are few people on this earth who can rein him but one is a 80+ year old Trauma Therapist Marilyn... read more

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