Weed Brain

  More from….. ‘The Effects of Cannabis Use on Adolescence’ from the Canadian Center on Substance Abuse. Hopefully these cold hard MJ facts will help us all work to make our communities safer!! Drivin’ High With 23% of Canadian youth... read more

Pot & Teens

** It’s here!!!! The count down is finally over folks, and ‘The Effects of Cannabis Use on Adolescence‘ from the Canadian Center on Substance Abuse has finally been released! Young adults from across the nation are rejoicing as nothing gets them more... read more


Hi there ya smoke show!! Thanks for checking out this super cool email! Guess what? Smoking cigarettes is not good for you (if you are surprised by this then we are all very surprised by you!)! So if we all know that lighting up isn’t the brightest thing to do... read more

More than a mid-life crisis

Yikes!! A US study estimated that the number of adults 50 yrs+ requiring substance abuse treatment will more than double by 2020 driven in part by the increase in the number of older adults with illicit drug problems and the non-medical use of prescription drugs... read more

Snail Mail

Hey there superstar! Check out this dope info below Dopamine: the neuro-transmitter that helps control the brains pleasure & reward center What’s it good for: survival by positively reinforcing things like eating. When you eat, dopamine is released which... read more

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