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The count down is finally over folks, and ‘The Effects of Cannabis Use on Adolescence‘ from the Canadian Center on Substance Abuse has finally been released! Young adults from across the nation are rejoicing as nothing gets them more stoked than adolescents’ behavioral health risks! Read on below for some #keypoints !


Who are the users? (Stats Can, 2015)

22.4% youth age 15-19 reported past year use

26.2% youth age 20-14 reported past year use

Canadian teens have the highest rate of Cannabis use in the developing countries

THC and your brain

THC is the psychoactive component of cannabis and when ya smoke a joint the excess THC hijacks your internal cannabinoid system which is involved in mood, memory, appetite, feelings and reward system etc.. Over time the effects of this ‘hijacking’ leads to problems with memory, addiction, and mental health.

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Risk vs Use

Research shows that as the perceptions of risk associated with Cannabis use decreases, consumption increases. Today, the perception of risk is decreasing and consequently the use is increasing. Now, check out the chart below to see the increase of THC found in weed today (NotYourFathersWeed) sooo although today perception of risk is at a decline the strength of the drug is not!

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Increase in potency of THC

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