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You Mad Bro??

Effects of Early Experience on Children’s Recognition of Facial Displays: (non-nerd: ‘the ‘u mad bro’ test)

Study: determine the affects that physical abuse had on children so they took a group of 9 yr old’s (half of which had a history of physical abuse) and showed them computerized images of a face morphing gradually from sadness or fear to anger.

Results: children who had been abused detected anger in emotionally ambiguous faces far more often than the other children

So What: these results speak to two things: 1. the effects early childhood experiences have on emotional development & 2. the difficulties an abused child would have when relating to others as they more frequently perceiving anger on the faces around them

“We get to be part of shaping and creating our nation’s response to the single largest public health threat we are facing today.”

This TED Talk about how childhood trauma affects health across a life time is a MUST watch!!

(You should really watch this TED Talk -Michael Scott)

(Hey! Watch this TED Talk- Michael Jordan)

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