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Dopamine: the neuro-transmitter that helps control the brains pleasure & reward center

What’s it good for: survival by positively reinforcing things like eating. When you eat, dopamine is released which feels good making you want to eat again which is good because you need to eat to live!

What’s it bad for: addiction-drugs, alcohol and sugar produce an unnaturally large increases of dopamine in the brain, which can then hijack the brains normal reward/pleasure system leading to the process of addiction: loss of control & intense drive to compulsively take the drug


“The neurobiology of addiction has profound implications for everything from treatment to recovery to vulnerability, but the critical part here is that anyone who tries to argue that addiction is a moral problem or a choice problem is missing the key point: it’s a brain disease. The brain has changed and you have to get your brain back to deal with addiction.” George F. Koob, PhD

There you have it. Some not so happy stuff, but learning and understanding this stuff can help lead to happier times for all!