Happy Doughnut day!

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Round and Round

Breaking the cycle of poverty is not an easy task and there are a lot of people working on this from a lot of different angles. The National Scientific Council is working on the brain science angle of poverty (no shocker there as the NSC seems like a nerd haven). So get this: researchers discovered living in the lowest-income bracket left children with up to 6% less brain surface area than children form high-income families. Maybe you are also a nerd and could get by with 6% less brain power but no the most of us (myself eliminated) need all the extra brain power we can get! Oh and this 6% less brain surface doesn’t just affect our nerdy side it also affects our ability to regulate emotions and decision making.

Read more on What Poverty Does to the Young Brain in The New Yorker

Some Good News

So obviously we still have problems (I don’t personally have any problems ever but, not everyone can be as awesome as me). But there is good news, if we stay focused on the things proven to work change will happen. So here it is: from 2000-2010 the number of people living in extreme poverty decreased by 21%!! That is great news awesome for world health! Our job isn’t nearly done but we are going in the right direction!

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