18 Months!

Is when a toddler first starts to recognize him/herself in the mirror #MirrorSelfie! 18 months is also when researchers first start to see differences in developmental skills based on social class. From this we now know that interventions to level the social class playing field is now an issue for even younger children!!

Kangaroo Jack! 

Great movie but an even greater thing is the kangaroo mother care program used in hospitals in Columbia for premature babies. Babies that were born early were placed into a kangaroo’s pouch and stayed there until they outgrew the pouch. That was a joke. In reality the babies were given to the parents who then held the baby skin to skin 24/7, the results were: shorter hospital stays, increased survival rates, better growth and improved cognitive development!

This is the cool video!

Here is the link to the cool video, fyi the cool info above was taken from this cool video!