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Daddy Day Care 

“It is the primary task of every society to teach men how to father” -Margaret Meade
Studies are showing that increase Father involvement/co-parenting have a direct positive effect on the physical and mental health of both children and their mothers. Co-parenting can reduce things like obesity and anxiety in children, it can also decrease chances of having a long lost twin sister to eat Oreos and peanut butter with#ParentTrapLove.

Caring about foster Care

Just 7% of all children in Canada are Aboriginal but nearly 50% of all children in Canadian foster care are Aboriginal (article)! In the context of brain development, the instability of the foster care system often lacks the supportive and nurturing environment needed to build and maintain a solid brain foundation. The lack of proper brain develop puts many Aboriginal children at a disadvantage for living long, healthy, happy lives. In addition, as the children are disadvantaged in reaching their full potential our communities are also disadvantaged as we will never be able to experience the full contribution of these children and their talents and abilities.

Synaptic Pruning 

Sounds like my mom telling me to snap to it and go prune the flowers, but in actuality it’s a key process for shaping kids brains (I’m talkin human kids here not goats). The pruning process increases efficiency in the brain by refining connections based on experiences. Connections in youths brain that are regularly used are strengthened and connections not used are pruned. (now I know when my dad said use your head, he was referring to the synaptic pruning that occurs in all young peoples brains and not head butting) More here!!!


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