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Who you gonna call?
GhostBusters!! Maybe?? Or if you are one of the many Canadians struggling with mental illness, there may soon be a new program you can call on for help! Currently across Canada there are online/onphone CGT type treatment trials  ongoing, and greatnews: they working!!  Read more here!

Social Jetlag
Perhaps your beer belly isn’t just a result of your stance against low-cal beer!! Perhaps its a result of your social jetlagstudies are showing if your body clock is continually mismatched with your social clock the risk for obesity is increased (now put down that doughnut and grab some shut eye instead)

Flying High
Who: 9 pilots who reported semi-regular use of weed
What: Placebo controlled study to see the effects of marijuana on ability to fly
Results: almost immediately after inhalation pilots ability to fly in the simulator significantly decreased
Shocker: The effects of marijuana on their flying lasted up to 48 hours after inhalation!

Q: Can bees fly in the rain?
A: Not without their little yellow jackets