Holla atcha : grab a chair, grab a snack, grab a juice box and check out these neat facts below:


donnn’tttt FREAK OUT

Adverse Childhood Experience’s increase toxic stress in a child’s life setting them up for greater health risks down the road (#ACEtoohigh). Part of the science behind this is the increase of Cortisol (stress hormone) in the body. In small amounts cortisol is your friend but excessive exposure to this hormone can lead to lasting effects such as gene expression, break down of muscle, bone, connectivity tissue, decrease in immunityhttp://www.scq.ubc.ca/stress-cortisol-and-the-immune-system-what-makes-us-get-sick/, etc.

SO, Keep calm and read on here!


Suddenly I see:

Get this: Today in Shanghai nearly 90% of teenagers and young adults are near sighted!!!! (say whhaaatttt)

Now what: Studies are showing that adequate amounts is beneficial sunlight to the developing retina and kids aren’t getting enough of it increasing the number of four-eyes (aka people with myopia)

In response: staring contests with the sun are ill-advised but it IS recommended to go out side and do fun things!!

More: check out this article


Thinks that are built (and key ingredients to build them)

  1. Houses (nails, wood, paint)
  2. Brains (serve and return interactions)
  3. Gingerbread houses (candy and icing and a large mess)
  4. Lego towers (Lego)
  5. Resiliency (strong relationships between kids and others who care about them)

[10/10 recommendation for the resiliency link its some need to know info]


So now you know three more things #luckyyou !!! But srsly take care and be bear aware!!


Also check out this really great wikiHOW on how to be cool, I’m not saying I wrote it but I could have #Iamcool !