Happy Taco Tuesday mi amigos, while you nourish your body with delicious Mexican cuisine, nourish your brain with this cool info:


I need a dolla, dolla, dolla

“A dollar invested in early childhood yields three times as much for school-aged children and eight-times as much for adult education” – Cunha et al.(<- warning long nerdy article)

Learn more about early childhood development AB here! yay


It’s a 3 for 1 deal!!!

Watch this 30 second vid and you’ll be Laughin’, Smilin’, and Learnin’ and let’s be honest who doesn’t love a lil LSL !!


Using Tennis to Build Brains:

No, hitting a little human in the head with a tennis ball does not help build your brain (shocker!!)!!

BUT what does is something called serve and return interactions.

When a baby ‘serves’ to an adult through facial expressions, babbling or gestures AND an adult responds meaningfully ‘returning the serve’, new neural connections form are being formed in the baby’s brain!!!!!

Building Healthy Brains = Healthy People = Healthy Communities