Hey là i miei amici Spero che hai avuto un grande Lunedi (I had pasta for lunch and as a result addressed you in Italian):


We’re All in This Together:

Hopefully you clicked above and have now broken out into a dance party for 1!! Lets be honest it’s a great song with a great message especially when talking about Mental Health

So lets talk: Mental illness is the #1 leading cause of disability and premature death in Canada!! 70% of these illnesses have their onset during childhood. In order to address this issue we need to be targeting humans under the age of 25, read more in The Globe and Mail.


Smart Word Alert:

Basal Ganglia – it’s a part of your noggin and it helps in well…a lot of things and the research on what it does is still underway. For one, the BG receives a lot of info from the cerebral cortex (also in your brain) and priorities what your going to do. Your GP also helps your out when it comes to voluntary motor control, motivation, eye movement and much more, Check it out here, and here!



“Relapse is nor a failure of treatment. Relapse is a part of the disease.” -Kathleen Brady

Check out more information from Dr. Brady on addiction recovery here.


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FACT: Recycling one aluminium can saves enough energy to run your TV for over 2 hours and that’s 5+ Episodes of Friends !!