SOoo, either you are reading this Monday morning while reflecting on a weekend of nothing but F U N or  you are reading this Friday afternoon while getting amped for a weekend full of F U N! Nevertheless, thank you so much for opening this #supercool email and if you have a minute or 3 I would be stoked if you could send a note back letting me know what you thought!! So here we go:

Did you know:
Daily Marijuana use among college students is at its highest level in three decades (learn more here)! In addition check out this chart that maps the public perception of MJ and user rates, Notice how when we as the public perceive marijuana as low risk the user rates increase, now the variance is pretty interesting as it is essentially the same green stuff (but even stronger now a days #notyourfathersweed ).

What happens when:
You lock PhD’s and comedy writers in a room and they make a sitcom to show what not to do???? Well let me tell you, funny things #lol!! Check out the results here (its well worth the watch #lols)!

Pass the Cake Celery:
Recent studies are showing that perhaps being large and in charge has less to do with sitting on the couch with a bag of chips and more to do with the disease of addiction. Check out these brain scans that show similarities between a cocaine addicts brain and an obese persons brain.

Thanks for reading, you rock!

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PPS- Joke of the day
Did you hear about the guy who froze to death at the drive- in?
He went and saw closed for the winter!