Konnichiwa! Some interesting things have entered my brain today and I thought I would share them with you:
Have you ever heard of…
Epigenetics, No? Well guess what: now you have!! #goodforyou But srsly check out this neat article to learn why you are more than just your DNA.

Did you know:
Researchers are good at researching (shocker) they also research really cool things (say whattt) and its all for the greater good (yay)! But sometimes it can be hard to when applying their nerdy  work to real life. That’s where FrameWorks can help. By translating complex science into stories and metaphors FrameWorks allows research to be applied to real life and make changes in policy, programs and public knowledge.
Check out the super cool study they did on Child Maltreatment in AB
Oh also, check out these neat videos they did for little humans in AB

The Cup Song:
It is pretty cool but even cooler is CUPS: the Calgary Urban Project. They have been in Calgary since Lord Stanley was last was (#babycomeback) helping impoverished Calgarians get back on their feet. Through health, education and housing CUPS has supported thousands of Calgarians go from ‘surviving to thriving’. Click here to help them help our city, and here to read the stories of those they have helped.

So regardless of what you did with this email (trashed, read, sang aloud, shared etc.) let me know what’s good by shooting me an email back and in the meantime party hard!

PS- joke of the day is ‘Confusius say, boy who brings ladder to school must be in High School’