Hey y’all these are more things that are relevant to all people from babies to non-babies:


Is this Drug IQ test actually and entrance exam to get into the cool-kid group at school ? Probably not but, it IS neat little fun thing to do!

Did you know??

There is a group of 1037 babies born down under in the big NZ that have been studied since birth and are now 42 years old! No these people haven’t been cloned BUT they have all participated in various multidisciplinary studies which has resulted in over 1000 publications on topics ranging from dental health to alcohol to sexual preference. Check out what the study’s up to now with this news letter and check out a complete list of all the studies here! ( btw it’s called the Dunedin Study)

btw: Brains are not Plain

Who Judy Cameron is a neuroscientist out of Pittsburgh who is really hyped on how life events can affect the brain!!

What does she say: a child’s socioeconomic status (SES) has a crazy affect on how children are able to learn to speak.

Fact: on average at 36 months a child of high SES knows almost double the than of words than a child of middle SES, and nearly triple that of low SES [ the study ]

Check it out: J-dawgs full presentation on the science of neglect (10/10 recommendation) AND J-dawg talking to UNICEF


So let me know what you think of these #neatthings like are you thinking WEML or like ROCK ON?


But for now: hang loose ya moose!!!