Hola amigos, check out some of the things I came across yesterday pre-slowpitch softball victory:


Mike Tyson is a wild man who has done some wild things and there are few people on this earth who can rein him but one is a 80+ year old Trauma Therapist Marilyn Murray. As one of the first people EVER to speak openly about sexual abuse, Marilyn has helped thousands of people across the globe deal with many types of emotional trauma. Check out these cool videos of her here. (PS: our girl Marilyn is quite the star in Mikey’s new book Undisputed Truth I would recommend checking that puppy out)


BIG word of the day is Endocannabinoid. Which refers to a system in our brains run by the naturally occurring chemical messengers cannabinoids. Sooo when ya smoke a joint, it’s the Endocannabinoid System that is overwhelmed with THC providing a temporary high. But, because too much of anything isn’t a good thing, over time THC can change how the EC System works and lead to problems with memory, addiction and mental health, unfortunately the brains most affected by this are the developing ones (people under 25) aka the vast majority of the blaze 420 club.


Young Forever?? (Bey + Jay-Z <3 ): Doctors across the globe have developed a test of 10 questions that you can ask any person about their childhood and it has been proven to predict up to 20 years decrease in ones life span. Its called the ACE questionnaire and you can take the test here, but also check out the test being applied real life by watching this nifty TED talk.



I think these are all cool things and you are cool people so if you would like to know more we can have a cool chat at a cool place about these cool things.


Stay fly