Fun Fact

If you can eat 3 meals/day for the 3 weeks straight you are in the top 15% of the richest people in the... read more

Weed Brain

  More from….. ‘The Effects of Cannabis Use on Adolescence’ from the Canadian Center on Substance Abuse. Hopefully these cold hard MJ facts will help us all work to make our communities safer!! Drivin’ High With 23% of Canadian youth... read more

Pot & Teens

** It’s here!!!! The count down is finally over folks, and ‘The Effects of Cannabis Use on Adolescence‘ from the Canadian Center on Substance Abuse has finally been released! Young adults from across the nation are rejoicing as nothing gets them more... read more

Chase the ACE

Hey! Stoked to see you here, thanks for lending your ear! Adversity & the developing brain As the number of adverse early childhood experiences increases, so does the risk of developmental delays. In fact: 7+ types of traumatic events pretty much guarantees a... read more

Bob the (Brain) Builder

Bob the Brain Builder FYI: our brains aren’t just born, they are also built!! In fact in the first few years of life 700 new neural connections are formed every second!!! Brain plasticity (brains ability to change) is at its peak in the early years of life,... read more

Befriend Your Stress

Studies show that those who perceive stress as having little impact on their health actually exhibit the lowest health hazard from stress. Sooo next time your caught in a pickle, your heart starts thumping & your getting all sweaty think about those natural bodily... read more

Fun Fact

Barack Obama was born in Hawaii and moved to the USA on a surfing scholarship (go B.O.... read more

Friday Freak out!!!

Shootouts: a heart breaker In 1996 the Dutch were eliminated from the Soccer World Cup in a sudden death penalty shoot out. The effects of this stressful game were more than just some bitten nails, in fact research shows that for men in the Netherlands there was a 50%... read more

Thought About It

Howdy? Ya Howdy! List of cool things to do: 1. run through the sprinkler 2. forward these emails to a friend (not at the same time) You Mad Bro?? Effects of Early Experience on Children’s Recognition of Facial Displays: (non-nerd: ‘the ‘u mad bro’... read more


Hi there ya smoke show!! Thanks for checking out this super cool email! Guess what? Smoking cigarettes is not good for you (if you are surprised by this then we are all very surprised by you!)! So if we all know that lighting up isn’t the brightest thing to do... read more

Young Wild & Free

It doesn’t take brain science to realize that teens make bad decisions but it may take brain science to understand why. Our brains aren’t fully developed until age 25 and one of the last parts of the brain to develop is the frontal lobes which are also the... read more

More than a mid-life crisis

Yikes!! A US study estimated that the number of adults 50 yrs+ requiring substance abuse treatment will more than double by 2020 driven in part by the increase in the number of older adults with illicit drug problems and the non-medical use of prescription drugs... read more

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